Development process for creating Game Engine Plugins?

There seems to be a lot of smart people on this forum. I am in need of your guidance! At some point soon I would like to create a plugin and I am not sure what the general process is for doing this for UE4. Without any specific plugin ideas, what is the process you would take for making an add-on for UE4? Which languages do you use? I am not even sure which questions to ask to be honest. I don’t even know where to start. I have some development experience in the .NET Framework for Windows, but that is about it.

You could start reading this:

Also, there’s a “New Plugin” button in the Plugins window. You pick from a template and it will create the necessary boilerplate code for you to work on.

Awesome thanks for the link. This is helpful. I am curious about one other thing. I am trying to start a project that requires NVidia Gameworks integration, which UE4 already has. I am curious to see exactly how Nvidia Gameworks was integrated and how it is implemented in UE4; not just through the GUI, but down to the source code. Is this something I can analyze? I wanted to learn from it.

Not very smart myself, so I always use the “New Plugin” templates (like @manoelneto mentioned) as a starting point. With all the boilerplate code in place, you could easily treat plugin like any other engine modules.

The Nvidia GameWorks techs are integrated as a branch to the engine (not plugins) the source is fully available to view. But since its integrated right into the engine it can be hard to find the relevant parts.

Check out my branch in my signature. All techs merged into a single branch (make sure u have a valid github account and its linked to ur Epic account)

GalaxyMan2015 I don’t see a signature in your post? Is that what you meant by signature?

Ah probably coz I am posting from my phone. Links are



A final 4.13 version will come when im back from holidays

Not sure why Im getting 404 from Github while Im already logged into it when clicking on the links above… I really want to check the integration with GameWorks but can’t atm

You need to have ur github account linked to ur Epic account which u can find how to do in the personal settings of ur Epic account

Thx, I didnt know needed to have it linked for this too. Got it already!