Development PC suggestion

Hi, I’m mainly Mac user, but I stuck with 10.8.5 and UE4 only support 10.9+, and it’s reported that Mac performance is not that great. I’m considering purchase a PC for UE4 development.

I don’t know much about hardware, after some research, I came up with following 2 candidates:

Alienware ALWX51R-2628, $1600
i5-4440, 16G Ram, 1T HD, Nvidia GTX 760Ti 2G

XPS 8700-R398, $1400
i7-4770, 16G Ram, 2T HD, AMD HD R9 270 2G

Anyone got suggestion which one should I pick? Thanks!

I think you should choose according to your budget. The XPS is probably more expensive, isn’t it?

It would be good to see the prices, but why not get a desktop that would smash a laptop :slight_smile: If I was you I would go with nvidia I found out the hard way with AMD’s laptop drivers :stuck_out_tongue:

I would choose the first one, but it always depends on your budget

e.g my PC (cost around 500 €):

nvidia gtx 660 ti
intel i5
a pretty cheap motherboard

With those specs you get pretty goood fps rates