Development on a laptop: Intel core i7-10875h vs AMD Ryzen 7 4800h / 5 4600h (Please help me decide)

Hello devs.
I am in dire need of help. I want to buy a relatively new gaming laptop for game development, i can’t afford to buy/build a whole PC, because of the prices and space (desktop gpu’s got a lot more expensive, and i live in a small college room for now). Do any of you have one of those cps and can tell me the compilling times, work speed etc. ? My options are as follows:

  1. an Asus ROG Strix SCAR 15 G532LV (i7 10875h/5.1 ghz, 16 gb 3200 mhz ram but ofc it will only use it up to 2933 mhz, 240hz display/300 nits, per key ilumination, 66 whr battery, 3 venting holes, 1467 $ + another 25 for a camera);
  2. a Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05H (ryzen 5 4600h/4 ghz, 8gb 3200mhz ram, 80whr battery, normal 4 zone rgb keyboard, 4 venting holes, 120 hz display/250 nits 1010 $ + another 50 for 8 more gb of ram)
  3. an HP OMEN 15-en0014nq (ryzen 7 4800h, 71 wh battery, 144 mhz/300 nits display, 16 gb 3200 mhz ram, 3 venting holes, 4 zone rgb keyboard, 1467 $)

All 3 models have rtx 2060 but i don’t know about the 80/90 watts versions they have. I am a bit paranoic to get the hp since hear a lot of trashtalk about their build quality and high rate of failure.
So I need 8 cores and no less, but i would make a compromise if the r5 4600h aproaches the i7 for this task. The think i understood are important for unreal is more cores (for lighting building and compilling) and high cpu clock speed (for the better single core performance) ? The nice addition of the extra cache on the intel is quite attracting as well, but it gets really really hot, and i will probably have to undervolt and lock the cpu speed in order to get lower temps (i want to keep the laptop for at least 4 years if i pay that much for it) when i use it just for normal level design; when i will start debbuging the game i will have to unlock it so that i can build the game versions as fast as i can to come back and forth to remove some bugs when i see them in the final game. The amd r7 got 19k in passmark multicore test, but i don’t know if that is very relevant for this case.
What is your experience in using any of thhose chips ?

There is also the new intel i7 11370h in the new asus tuf dash paired with an rtx 3060 (i can get this cheaper than the scar), but seeing the review for that, i don’t think its suited for this task (it only has 4 cores, even tough its a 10nm, it looks like an experiment from intel, what do you think ?

There is no reason to get previous gen ryzen or rtx right now with new gen out and costing approximately the same, you might need to wait a bit if they are not for sale in your particular part of the world, but they should become available within a month or few. Ryzen 5000 series performance increase over 4000 or any available intel or similar class is 20-30%, RTX 3000 series over 2000 series same 20-30%, while price is approximately same. Also 16GB ram is recommended for fluid work.

I will be getting this model once it becomes available in my country or i can ship it from other one safely:”-300Hz-IPS-Type-FHD%2C-NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-3070%2C-AMD-Ryzen-9-5900HX%2C-16GB-DDR4%2C-1TB-PCIe-NVMe-SSD%2C-RGB-Keyboard%2C-Windows-10%2C-G713QR-ES96-Eclipse-Gray

17" screen is what i wanted, but they have same model with 15" screen as well and it has beast of a CPU and RTX3070 on this particular model is at 130W which is highest currently available with most being at 80ish and that cuts very deeply into performance.