Development of plugins/code for marketplace - workflow issues

I have a couple of marketplace plugin submissions in progress, and some more planned. There are some questions and issues that have come up in the process of submission that I still don’t have good answers to:

  1. Compiler error/warning levels.
    Epic are using Clang to test plugin builds, with very strict compiler errors. Some of the generated warnings and errors cannot be reproduced when building with MSVC, which makes it a frustrating and very slow (the marketplace submission process doesn’t need more things slowing it down) back and forth task to try to stamp out errors by guessing what the cause may be, resubmitting and waiting to hear back from Epic with updated build output.

If Epic continue to expect people’s submissions to conform to Clang compilation settings, surely we should have instructions on setting up Clang builds. As far as I’m aware though, this requires an engine source build, and Clang compatibility still seems to be very unstable.

  1. Structure of deployed code (project vs plugin).
    I’m still not clear on what the final submission structure of a marketplace plugin will be. Is it the plugin directory only (with .uplugin, source and content), or can/should there be an accompanying example project (with .uproject and it’s own source and content) which uses the plugin?

Some initial code review feedback on one of my submissions gave me the impression only a plugin folder was expected. However, the second approach above makes a lot more sense to me - not only does it allow clear demonstration to buyers of how the plugin can be used in a project, but it also means all example content can go into the example project, leaving the plugin streamlined with only the core code and content. This will prevent people’s own projects from being bloated by unnecessary content when they incorporate the plugin.

I sent in a full project, with the Plugins folder there (Project is for a demo project). Now that I am waiting for a release date, they told me I’d have to link my demo project separately in the asset description, as the plugin will just be installed to the engine.

Meaning the demo project would not officially be a part of the marketplace asset? (not downloaded through the launcher, not subjected to the review process)
Seems a bit out of keeping with the general approach to marketplace content, but I guess maybe it’s just a technical limitation of plugin deployment at this point.

Anyone from Epic able to comment on my first point above?

While I did submit it with the plugin for review, it won’t really be an official part of it. They just said that if I chose to exclude the demo project, I’d have to rewrite my description, since I mentioned the demo project in it.