Development in a Virtual Machine - is it possible??

Howdy Devs,

In my previous life (Zaibatsu corporate software development contract-slave) I did all of my software development in VMware virtual machines. This keeps projects separated and the host machine nice and tidy. Having done this so many times in the past, I though I’d do the same thing to do begin my UE4 spelunking. For the most part it worked; the build process was a complete success and completely painless. By the way, good job, guys! The problem is that when I go to run the editor I just built, it errors out saying that it needs DirectX-10 support. Unfortunately VMware’s graphics acceleration support is only up to DX9.

I know that asking for DX9 support in UED is probably impossible, but while I’m thinking out other options (probably building a dedicated box since I don’t want to contaminate my ‘pure’ dev system’s host OS) it can’t hurt to ask: is anyone out there doing something similar? Maybe someone knows of a workaround?

If anyone has convoluted-hack ideas or sarcastic comments, I’d love to hear 'em. :slight_smile:

–Dave G

If you’re on Windows 7, you can use MS’s stuff and build a Windows 7 VM to boot into. I used that to play with Windows 8 before deleting it.

Google for boot to vhd for info on how to do it, it’s pretty straightforward.

Here’s a general description. You want to use fixed sizes and after you’ve got the boot image, you probably want to use a differencing vhd so that you don’t have to rebuild the boot vhd.

Thanks for the suggestion. I ended up cloning my OS partition into a new partition and multibooting. That will suffice for now.