Developing UE4 windows 7 to windows 10

Hey everyone!

How many of you are developing on a windows 10 pc? I’m moving from 7 to 10, and I was curious to know if there’s anything I should do/keep an eye out for? Any bugs or issues? Your insight would be appreciated. =)

I’ve been using Win10 and UE4 since its release date one year ago, no issues. :smiley:

Good to know. Thanks. =)

Similar situation here. Smooth. No problems at all.

Still deciding? Couple of things to keep in mind… First, Win7 is still good for updates till 2020

Whereas Win10 lessens your own control over your own machine (likened to renting).

Most flavours of Win10 have forced updates, so M$ can do what they want to your PC whenever they want.
M$ may respect that and not cross the Googhoul creepy line, but their future is full of stress, so who knows!

Its definitely worth reading Tim Sweeney’s posts about the risks i.e. how M$ can lock down a PC (side-loading).
Don’t upgrade if you’ve Samsung gear either. Slurping / updates means I object to 10 but there’s more to it…

Forced updates and Microsoft’s less than flawless record on updates means Windows-10 may bork your machine.
First adopters are in the firing line ‘to test for bugs’ (deliberate Microsoft strategy to protect Enterprise users).
Game devs have to deal with the fast moving target of UE4 releases. Ever changing OS makes that even harder…

I’m glad to hear that.

That’s always been some of my greatest concerns. The jump to 10 for me isn’t by choice. If I could, I’d use 7 as it is my preferred OS, but it’s incredibly difficult to get a good pc with anything but 10 these days.

Its a minefield… Can we even buy and activate Win7 licenses to replace 10 now???
In same boat btw, but waiting until Pascal is the main offering and when its less pricey.

Politics of privacy / control vary in every part of the world, but most people just don’t want to know.
That’s great! But the more info that’s slurped the more that will end up with hackers / cyber-crims.

My own solution is hybrid, windows where necessary but basically replacing Windows with Linux on old boxes.
Mint is good for web-browsing, email, office-docs, video-editing, media-playing even 3D Blender / Maya etc.

For dev where Linux can’t help (or UE4Launcher etc), I keep Windows machines, but generally air gap them.
Where they must connect I use hosts file / router blocking and pray to catch Microsoft’s hardcoded server refs.
Overall I’m so tired of leaky apps, data slurping, IoT etc. Its like a 2nd or 3rd job when family / friends call up…