Developing my first game

Hey all,

I started trying to develop a game as a university project in December last year for my sound design course and I’m looking for some help to finish the last stage of my university coursework and get some feedback on the game I’ve made for when I continue developing it. This is my first attempt at creating a game so I wanna see if its actually any good.

I’ve got a website with a bit of description about the game here:

Its been a long process but I’ve got a build that’s playable and if anyone here wants to give it a play you can download it from my Dropbox here: Dropbox - File Deleted
The download is about 844Mb.

I’ve got a survey to help me evaluate the game and give me some feedback on your thoughts on the game and the sound design to finish the university portion of this project here if you feel like doing it:

If you want to I’d like to hear your thoughts on the game and anything you like or don’t like or different or better ways I could do things or anything I could add, change or remove.


edit: Changed dropbox link