Developing fructal - dev blog

Well, that was the original name of the character a friend (3d artist) and I (developer) are working, we work on the game on our free time (we work profesionally on our areas) and have been doing this game some time now (mostly learning things and traslating our previous profesional knowledge to game dev), but will be nice if we could make this our main thing to do, we do like games so yeah lets make a game.

We have a lot of things to do and for the moment I only can show you the main character, and when we get things done we will show them even if prototype.

Feedaback will be welcome when we have more things to show, also there are a lot of things that we dont know from game devel point of view and UE4, for example, people has suguested that I should use indiedb and start making post and things like that to keep track and show of, so here Im.

The game is basically a side scroller fight, with a “main map” maybe with sort of a “little strategy” if it works out… we have been working on the concepts of the character, the enemies and the history mostly this time, the story? aesthetics? well, I will wait to other post if I dont have something related to develop to post.

week 0:

For the moment we are remaking our first characters because they have some bugs to import in UE and Im prototyping the idea of our main map Im slowly translating the little I know about bluepritns to C++ which I have not used in some time and still learning about UE4 how to make it do what I want xD.

So yeah, we are on early develop process.