Developing for XBOX One

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I have done a lot of reading and setting up of Microsoft account and linking to XBOX Live and such (Configuring an Xbox development console - Xbox Live | Microsoft Docs). But I have only found very old (like from 2016) webpages that talks about XBOX development using UE4. Because of their age, I do not know how accurate these are anymore.

Is there an up-to-date reference for building for XBOX One using Unreal Engine 4? Alternatively, is there an old reference that still contains valid information that can guide me?

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You have to apply for their developer program: Independent Developers Program for Xbox One | Xbox

They verify each developer to make sure that you’re doing a legitimate project so it’s not something that everyone can just go and do.

Hi DarthViper,

I have seen the ID@XBOX thing, but there is also the Creators Program, which I have joined. According to Microsoft themselves, it is possible to develop XBOX software after joining the Creators Program (Choosing an Xbox Live developer program - Xbox Live | Microsoft Docs), but that selling games or using some features requires joining ID@XBOX.

Are you saying that this is inaccurate, and that the only way to deploy software (not sell - just build and deploy) is by joining ID@XBOX?

I do not necessarily disbelieve you, I just then wonder why Microsoft mentions that developing for XBOX is possible via the Creators Program. Or is this limitation one unique to Unreal Engine, and not Microsoft perhaps?


Epic does not offer UE4 development support for Xbox One outside of joining the developer program.

Hi DarthViper,

But certainly games built with Unreal Engine must be able to target the Xbox One. I do not see that option anywhere in UE4, and I have not been able to find a recent reference for how I would even build my game, targeting Xbox one. Certainly there is some support for Xbox one in terms of tools used to target that platform? I am OK with having to join a program, but I want to understand the process. Do you mean that joining ID@XBOX will give me access to some plugin or toolchain that UE4 can use, with which I can target my game for Xbox? Will joining ID@Xbox give me access to such tools? If so, does me having joined the Creators program, not give me access to this same tools? Is there any reference for such tools anywhere? Or do you mean something completely different? Ultimately, my question is simple; how do I build games targeting Xbox One. Perhaps you answered it indirectly by suggestion I need to join a program - but can you tell me what will joining a program give me? Is it third-party software that UE4 integrates with, or something else? And is this documented anywhere?


If you’re accepted into ID@Xbox then you can contact Epic and provide them with some information and they’ll give you access to a build of UE4 that allows you to build for Xbox One along with access to the Xbox One development section of this forum. That’s the only way to get access.

Thanks DarthViper.

Hi … I have read the thread and a question … When I have used Unity I could go this way to try something on xbox:

built the uwp 64bit sln …
open this in vis studio …
xport to xbox //msix file …
copying the msix file to the xbox in dev mode …


So I have tried to export something frm UE4 using the built windows64bit option
but I always get the error that incredibuilt isnt licensed …
so I de-activated incbuilt but I still get the error //again and again

my question - will this way run at all?
//btw I am at but the approving proc. is quit diff.

best …