Developing for Wii U?

Hi I am a new developer that has just started. when i was testing som new things i noticed that there is no compatebility whit the wii/wii U. can some one maybe tell me why. I think it would be really cool to make games for Nintendo consoles.

The Wii U is not powerful enough to run the engine and there’s not many people that are interested in developing for it. Plus, the Wii U is not going to be around much longer.

but games dont really need amazing graphics. Just look at minecraft, the graphics are horrible but everyone can run it even on phones for christ sake. so why shouldent we be able to make games for a wii U console who uses the unreal engine.

  • if the console cant handle the engine, how come that the console can run games like Watch_d0gs, Assassins creed 4 and even CoD black ops 2?

If you want horrible graphics then you don’t need UE4

And those games were designed for last gen, and notice that Ubisoft isn’t making Wii U games anymore and COD isn’t coming to Wii U anymore either.

ok I did not say I wanted my graphics to suck, I use this engine becouse its simple, easy to understand and it makes hell a lot more sense to me then what Unity did. plus those games was last gen yes, But this engine can make last and new gen games whitout breaking a sweet. And one more thing Nintendo hasnt realesed a new console yet so they dont have to abanden it yet and big companys might not wanna make games for the thing but there is still some 3rd party developers (like me) that still wanna make games for that consoles. so just becouse Ubisoft, Sega, 2K, Rockstar and the rest of the companys has abandon it, doesnt it mean that we should leave the amazing console to.

Not exactly, UE4 has moderately high hardware requirements.

If you don’t care about selling games then it’s a fine console, but the NX is coming next year and it’s very clear that Nintendo is giving up on the Wii U. You’d be better off making a mobile game, which UE4 supports.

if you are thinking like that then tell me why people have not stoped making games for the PS3 or XBOX 360 becouse they are even older then the Wii U. and if im correct the Wii U has Better specs then the XBOX and Play-Station. one more thing you said that the wii U cant handle the game engine then tell me why the xbox can run it even tho its older then the wii U

Most developers have stopped making games for the Xbox 360 and PS3, notice most of the big games this year don’t have a last gen version, or stuff like Black Ops 3 which only has multiplayer and looks pretty bad. Reason that anyone would make a game for last gen and not Wii U is because between the PS3 and Xbox 360 there are 160 million consoles out there, vs. about 10 million for the Wii U. Also, many studios already have tools developed for Xbox 360 and PS3 along with years of experience developing for those consoles and don’t have any experience with the Wii U, which means it’s more work to get a game working on the Wii U than the other consoles.
Also, UE4 does not support Xbox 360, it does support Xbox One which is much more powerful than the Wii U.

fine, I give up. Its just that the wii U is a wonderful console and its still as fun as ever. it might not have got as much attention as is neded to but I still think some games can still be made for the Wii U. it would just be great to still make games for it. The NX is not out yet and the Wii U is still powerful enough to play high graphic games. Hope you can understand, Just one more thing. the Wii U´s gamepad has still some potential left and whit just some thinking you can make games for it that will awesome and remebered even far in the future.

Unless your name is Nintendo then it’s pretty much a waste of time. And even Nintendo has done a pretty poor job of utilizing the gamepad.