Developing for PS4

Does anyone know about Sony’s take on single person developers? I want to eventually open my own studio and put a team together to complete my game. I’ve thought about signing up to become a Sony developer, but I feel like they wont take me seriously even coming to them with a playable demo developed by myself in hand.

i was reading a lot about the process to become a developer on microsoft and sony and i remember that i saw in the sign up page at sony that they will take more seriously if you sign-up as a company and send to them the company documents.

remember as a big company, licensing a studio for develop games for a console means they will earn money for the selling of the game and the consoles that the game can be sell, a one man stand for creating an entire game is a big challenge and a big company can’t risk/trust that one man can deliver the entire project in time or working at 100%.

you need to think in the way that they do.

no trying to holding you back; i’m in the same place, trying to get on microsoft or sony (already rejected from microsoft xbox program and holding for submit my application to sony), just saying this to let you think a better plan to make your way in.

You could just make a totally amazing PC game (easiest platform to release on imo), which if successful could mean the approacher becomes the approachee :slight_smile:

Can’t speak for xbox but Sony are fairly helpful in the process. Check this video out It’s at a unity event but still has good info about the general process.

You just have to be realistic, if it’s to a certain standard and contains all the elements they would expect then it isn’t that difficult. Making the game is the difficult part. You will need to form a company though, which is easy and cheap.


I think best is present a near complete build of the game.

Unless you’re actively working on a project you plan to release then you should wait until you are.

i’m working hard on a title, i’m planing on release it on steam on January or February (i already released a titled on steam on July of this year) you think is better for me to wait until the late stages of the development of the current game (that’s what i think and i’m planing to do) or submit the application now ?

also i have another question darthviper107, don’t know if you know about that or not, but you think is better start fresh on a ps4 title or making a port from pc–>ps4 (i mean using the same project and adding the ps4 functionality or just start fresh without any pc support ?)

thanks in advance for all the help :slight_smile: (sorry for asking this in another person question)

It could certainly help you if you have a successful or completed PC game to show them when you submit your application. But one thing to consider is that when developing the game for PS4 you may have to make changes based on what’s supported for the console or what the performance capabilities are. In general it shouldn’t be too hard with UE4 to get it working with PS4, but you never know what features your using might have an issue.

thank you for your advises darthviper107!

They don’t care if you are a single person. You just must be at least a LLC.
They won’t accept anything from you if you aren’t a legal entity.

And, making a PC game to later port to console will cost more resources than you might think at first.
Is cheaper and better to focus the platform ‘right now’, however to do that you must have a track record first (games released out there).

i have already formed my company (on June 2015).

i’m trying to work with the “console” in mind, making all the menus work with the gamepad; but the specific api calls, or the specifications for ps4 console must wait until i have the sdk from them and get the dev kit.

thanks for all your help and advises.

Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I will work hard to get my game completed on PC and ship it before submitting!

I didn’t know it was possible to get rejected for the microsoft xbox program. o,0 That’s kind of scary. Did they give you a reason why?
Maybe it could be because your company website has a lot of games based on / inspired by the IP of other companies?

It’s natural process. Platforms are all blessing and friendly while they are not relevant; later, after growing enough all they want is give you the middle finger. Example:

When Microsft was starting this ID thing, they invited me to join, offered me Windows 8.1 Pro license, a kit and Unity Pro license to release a game there. But I would agree I wouldn’t publish any other platform for 6 months.
I was already porting my personal projects from Unity to UE4 and gladly said ‘no thanks’.
They would enter Unity forums and PM ppl begging for games. They did.
Now I here they are rejecting new projects since they’ve already got what they want.

As soon as they have the power, platforms impose their rules and ppl get hurt.

when i was rejected from microsoft they told me that i didn’t have a commercial released game. that was the last year.

about the game based on other companies, the were made only to get used to make games, to gain experience.

now i have a game on steam, and i’m waiting a little bit more to show off my new project to them.

Finish your game , distribute it on other platforms , than you will be able to negociate with Sony if you have a successfull product.

actually how much more work is it to port a working game on PC (with controller support, aka couch mode) to console ? Isnt UE4 handling most of it ? How much is left for us. Can someone give an example of platform specific thing to take care of ?