Developing Beyond - $500,000 game development competition

Epic Games and Wellcome trust have launched a new $500,000 game development competition.

We have a solid biomedical SCI-FI concept and are looking for team members in case we reach the 20th February semi.

  • Character Modeler/Sculptor with ZBrush experience.
  • Hard Surface Modeler/Level Designer
  • Texture/Material Specialist with knowledge of photogrammetry.
    Please contact me per with the subject: Development Beyond, if interested.

Do you know something about the Beyond Fund? They removed the webpage :confused: I think it’s not a good sign, but I don’t know what to think.

Indeed, I heard from other people, that they couldn’t load the webpage. I’ve cleared the browser cache and here on my Mac the page is loading.
Have you connected per mobile?

Here’s the first part of their page:
Welcome to Developing Beyond, a new $500,000 game development competition organised by Epic Games and Wellcome.

Development studios based in Europe are invited to pitch a game based on the theme of Transformations, with the chance of becoming one of six semi-finalists. The video here will give you more details about the theme and the competition. The deadline for submissions is Friday 10th February and you can find the application form, terms and conditions and more about the theme below.

Each of the 6 teams will receive $15,000 to help get them started developing their game. The next milestone will be at Develop:Brighton in July when these six finalists will be reduced down to three based on the work they have done. Each of the three finalists teams will receive $60,000 to continue their game development.

The objective is to create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which will be submitted for final judging by Friday 12th January 2018.

The winning game will be announced on Wednesday 24th January 2018 and will receive $150,000.

The second place prize is $50,000 and third place is $30,000.

The page is still up.

Personally, I was put off by the terms and conditions for two reasons:

A) The business cannot accept any other form of funding once you submit to the competition.
B) You can’t actually release your game at the end of the competition without first signing a revenue share deal with ‘Developing Beyond’ - the specifics of which aren’t detailed (worrying).

This kind of “contest” is simply a way to invest as a publisher while saving money.
They are looking for AAA product while investing only 2.5% of the average costs involved on developing AAA games; good luck with that.
In case people didn’t notice, they aren’t looking for ‘randon team’ assembled online, they want development houses based in Europe, so no, your random team won’t even be considered for anything.

Unfortunately I totally agree with this. In my opinion it is a shame to call this a “competition”.
It is only a promotion to get AAA quality for a very little amount of money and this from a so called “global charitable foundation”. In the worst case you are developing for 6 Month for an amount of $15.000 and then get kicked. If you read the TaC you realize the don’t want a game based on your ideas to have finally fun with, the want a product with only one goal, market their own work and sell it in the end with profit share. For this reasons, and the reasons ambershee wrote, I’m out of this so called competition and make my living with fair payed work.

So you are going to pay team members regardless of if you win?
Because that’s what your thread title suggests with the word “PAID”.
Otherwise this isn’t even considered “royalty”.