Developing archviz scene

Hello Everyone,

I am attaching the screen shots of the current Archviz project. Kindly have a look.

I have used the directional light and skylight for the natural lighting. But the results are not good enough.

It would be very helpful if somebody could suggest anything to make it more real.

Please see the below image. I want to have this kind of output.


Thanks in advance.

The floor is too glossy. Try to use a normal map and a roughness map and something rougher than 0!!!

Are you using static sun and skylight? Hdri?

kindly have a look on the revised image. i removed the glossiness of the floor.

Yes, i am using static sun and skylight.

My fabric is not looking realistic. could you suggest me that how to make that realistic?

for fabric try adding a fine bump map.

i tried but still not looking good.

can anyone suggest me how to achieve best quality lighting. i would also like if someone guide me about baselightmass,ini. in detail.
i am attaching my new ue4 project screenshots. plz have look on that and suggest any tips or tricks about that.

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:

There is not one exact correct solution. The realistic lighting is a combination of materials, lighting and rendering settings. Each scene has unique light and render settings. That light only works for that scene. I mean there is not a general settings for realistic lighting. Also this valid for every render engine (vray, corona, octane, etc.) not just unreal engine.

You need to practice so much to achive the realistic render…

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I do understand that I need to do more practice on this, that is why i am here seeking your guidance.
If you can let me know the things that I have to improve in my scene.

Thanks in advance.

Materials are not correct
Material uv’s are not correct
The main design of room is not good
Colors are too dark you choose
There is not enough light inside
I think you dont have portals on windows

I’m trying to say this: you can not make your scene more realistic just changing the floor reflection and fabric bump…

There are so many things to improve…


The major problem is that your materials are too basics… It looks like it’s just plain solid colors. Grey bed base, plain white walls, plain beige wall, uniformly glossy floor, black table, etc. The chair is a bit better, I think the diffuse is good but the roughness isn’t. It’s too uniform.

Each material must have at the bare minimum a diffuse and a roughness map. A subtle normal map helps too. Right now it looks like you only use a simple value for roughness.

Camera angles are very important too. Bad angles will immediately makes it appear less realistic. Try putting the camera at shoulder’s height!!!

Thanks for the suggestions.

I am attaching the images of material’s blueprint. And new camera angle.
Have a look on that.

Thanks in advance.