Developing a Product configurator

Hi My name its Adrian, this topic is a mixture between programming, modelling and rendering. Therefore I would like to let you know sorry if im not at the right thing hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

We we are looking for anyone that help us to develop a product configurator, we are working with a Company that one of the task is to develop a product configurator for his upcomming projects. Therefore we are looking for people that could help us to do part of the task required. Due to its not only this, we are modelling the products he wants, texturing and doing animations of it. In order to the following task required would be In a mesh be posible to change texturing & replace meshes to others. " to create all combinations possible "

If we hit with the product we would be hiring the programmer for work!


We would apriciate to have the right person for this :smiley:


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Skype: adrian92uk

Epic did a live stream on this very subject and there are projects that you can download there