Developing a C++ project for IOS on windows?

Is there any possible way to develop a C++ project for IOS on windows? I do not own a mac and don’t plan on buying one to be honest. I did not know that I would need a mac when I first started the project I am working on and I’m not close to finishing it (I know, I know, it’s very stupid of me to not test on IOS earlier).

So anyways, what other solutions do I have? I heard you can compile on windows using a mac remotely… so that gave me the idea of renting a virtual mac or something, would that be a good idea? Any suggestions?


Unfortunatelly you’ll need Mac to release anything on iOS. You can develop the actual game on Windows but to build it, sign and upload final package to AppStore you need MacOS.
Also it is important you can’t debug your iOS app on device from Windows, that could be done on Mac only.
As an option virtual host could be considered but even on real Mac you may spend days by trying to solve some issues in UE4+Xcode+Mac+iOS combination. So I can’t say that there won’t be an issue that coudn’t be possible to fix with virtual machine or any kind of hacintosh.
However there is a good news. You don’t need a high end powerfull Mac to do it, you can assess posibility to buy a old MacMini. That still would be slow and your UE4Editor experience would be far from pleasant but that would be enough to get job done.