Developers with a drive for Africa

We are Hakuna-Group, and we develop and create technology for Africa.

We have several different branches which are in the launching-phase, and we are currently looking for a select group of artists and programmers whose passion is in the gaming and animation industry.

Our mission is to connect Africa and create opportunities for the young African population. Hakuna tailors its products to Africa with original African storytelling. We believe that UE4 is the market leader for games and animation. With their technology, we build games and animations.

Hakuna is on the lookout for people that have a passion for developing and creating games and animations. A big plus is a passion for Africa and to get the stories from Africa to be told in an original way. This creates several career opportunities within this Hakuna department.


  • Concept artist
    • Create concepts from characters and environments
    • Doing research about cultures and applying fresh ideas and concepts
  • 3d artist
    • Character artist
    • Environment artist
  • Animator
    • Animate characters
  • Programmer
    • C++ and blueprint (C++ would be a huge plus because of optimizations and connecting other api’s)

If you have other skills and believe that you can help us out and create some amazing things for Africa, feel free to reply or send me a message!

To give you an idea of which direction we are going, here is some of our work we have developed in UE4

Tech hub inspirations

Hakuna store