Developers wanted for fun prototype


I’m looking for a couple of extra hands to help me develop a fairly complete working protoype for a game I’ve wanted to build for a while, but the opportunity has never quite been right. Once the prototype is in good form, I’d use it to try and attract a fairly standard publishing deal, and make the project more legitimate. I’m looking for ideally two or three people who can compliment my own skills; I’m a technically orientated game designer with good working knowledge of the engine, and I’d like to meet people who can handle non-realistic art for top-down games, as well as someone with programming knowledge, especially when it comes to networking / replication.

The game itself is a subversion of the typical 4X strategy genre; I’m looking to build a game that distils the essence of the genre right down to allow a session play time not exceeding 40 minutes, but without losing any of the depth of nuance that makes these games what they are - quite the design challenge. I’m looking to make something fun and quirky that’ll sit apart from other games; it’s a little risky from a commercial perspective, but I think it’s different enough to establish itself.

As for selling myself, I’ve been working in games for a while, both in AAA and indie. I’ve dealt with the day-to-day running of a small studio before, and have had dealings with investors and publishers before. I believe if we can get this prototype up and running, there’s a reasonable chance of getting this project to the next step.

Contact me at: ambershee[AT]gmail[DOT]com for more details.

Hi, I am good with programming (both C++ and Blueprints) and also AI. My Skype name is xptohz3_turbo.

I’d love to. At least, help with some Multiplayer stuff. Busy with my own game at the moment.