Developers needed for VR Music @ Red Pill VR

Position Summary:

Red Pill VR is looking for talented Technical Artists with a successful track record of improving performance through analysis and optimization while maintaining the visual fidelity of a gorgeous and immersive world. This position requires the ability and willingness to proactively work with all disciplines to solve complex technical problems as well as learn the processes and pipelines of each discipline to quickly remove day to day obstacles from the team’s path.


  • Define the visual look and feel of the environments and audio life forms
  • Determine the various tools part of our pipeline
  • Help define the categories of visual content technologies we will be adding to UE4
  • Love music and understand basic music theory concepts
  • Compute shader
  • Develop custom workflows using scripts and coded tools solutions for art team
  • Maintain integrity of art pipelines by identifying inefficiencies and recommending and implementing improvements
  • Troubleshoot key pipeline issues and solve core problems in cooperation with development team
  • Support the technical art needs of our client-facing project requirements and partner expectations
  • Facilitate technical art communication across disciplines by providing clear and constructive feedback and guidance
  • Collaborate with a diverse team to promote innovation and refine the visual quality of our games
  • Work with artists and designers to create and document workflows and best practices for the creation of optimized content
  • Use visual debug and profiling tools to identify the cause of performance problems
  • Partner with Artists, Designers, and Programmers to find creative solutions to solve difficult memory and performance issues
  • Optimize, organize, and debug shader and materials graphs throughout production
  • Work closely with Artists and rendering Engineers to develop materials, lighting models, and shaders to help reach artistic goals
  • Understand and operate within the requirements and processes of each department to be able to troubleshoot and eliminate technical obstacles
  • Anticipate the needs of the artists so as to streamline their productivity.
  • Work with artists to optimize assets for performance
  • Develop and implement new ideas/technologies/solutions, seeing them to completion.
  • Teach valuable points of information to anyone who may require it.
  • Participate in the critiquing of your work and the work of others.
  • Day-to-day problem solving and self-prioritization of tasks.
  • Commitment to making art data production as simple and effective for general artists to create over the entire length of a project.
  • Be meticulous and organized in the approach to the tasks, files and storage of the material.
  • Be technically savvy with a track record of strong problem solving skills
  • Excellent understanding of the inner workings of the asset export pipeline.
  • Have the forward-thinking ability to research new industry developments and art techniques for future projects.


  • 6+ years game industry experience, 3+ specifically in a technical artist role
  • Shipped 2+ AAA title (or equivalent) as a Technical Artist
  • Tech-fluency in at least one development language, such as Python, MEL, LUA, Perl, C# or C++
  • Proficient with tools such as MAX and /or Maya
  • Experience working in Unreal Engine
  • Experience working on wide range of tech art projects, in terms of art tools, graphics engines and game hardware
  • High technical proficiency in areas such as lighting, rendering and texturing as it applies to material and shader creation (HLSL)
  • Expert-level familiarity with environment art creation and workflow, especially with an eye on performance and memory management
  • Excellent communication, documentation and organizational skills
  • Bachelors in a related field or equivalent experience is required
  • Shader scripting/coding skills e.g. Cg/HLSL, GLSL, RenderMan, MentalRay or similar
  • Ability to take initiative, communicate effectively
  • Must have a positive attitude and be a team player
  • Broad interest in real-time rendering technologies and art asset creation tools
  • Experience in managing real-time rendering, run-time analytics, optimization, shaders and materials
  • Able to present (internally and externally) clear vision of how work addresses problems and requirements
  • Able to envision creative ways to leverage ideas and technologies, and integrate big picture through multiple mediums
  • Ability to take the responsibility of a large project’s workflow.
  • Ability to familiarize with programs, technical concepts, ideas and problems very quickly.
  • Ability to work within boundaries to creatively solve art issues.
    BONUS: Passionate about VR and experience working with it.

If interested, please contact me at with your contact information, resume, and portfolio.


GPU Programmer need for VR Music @ Red Pill VR

Job Description:

Red Pill VR is looking for a high value individual looking to develop new techniques and optimizations for real-time rendering that will enable our artists to tell creative and visually-impactful stories at the highest possible picture quality. You will need familiarity with the state of the art in real-time rendering algorithms used in games, implementation best practices and performance tradeoffs.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Investigate, prototype, and implement solutions for high-fidelity rendering in a real-time context.
  • Extend and create solutions for lighting, VFX and post-processing.
  • Provide deep domain expertise in the area of rendering.
  • Work closely with artists to develop and implement their vision.
  • Effectively analyze and diagnose visual quality or rendering performance problems and develop complete solutions successfully and on time.
  • Design, develop, write, and debug code in new and existing systems.
  • Writes, optimizes and quickly iterate on feature, shader and pipeline code.


  • Deep and intuitive knowledge of the theoretical fundamentals of rendering.
  • Understanding of contemporary game graphics platforms, including low-level familiarity with PC and console platforms from the graphics API level down to CPU & GPU functionality and performance.
  • 5+ years of software engineering experience.
  • Strong GPU graphics rendering experience: shaders, compute, tools & asset pipelines.
  • Shipped at least two PC or console games.
  • Strong understanding of good software design patterns.
  • Self-motivated with a positive attitude and visible passion for high quality output.
  • Strong technical, problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Flexibility and skill to bring a variety of client engineering tasks to completion; visual or otherwise.
  • Ability to ramp up quickly, switch context and meet regular deadlines in a fast paced environment.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 features.
  • A familiarity with art and animation pipelines.
  • A basic understanding of content management systems
    BONUS: Passionate about VR and experience working with it.

If interested, please contact me at


Audio Programmer need for VR Music @ Red Pill VR

Audio Engineer

Red Pill VR is looking for an Audio Engineer to develop leading edge audio solutions for the industrys’ first VR Music engine technology. This role requires experienced engine programmers to help enhance and maintain core systems of Unreal Engine 4, as well as optimize them for multiple platforms. Work with our Core Technology team in a collaborative and high energy development environment to help deliver the best audio driven visual experience!


  • Own the engineering audio pipe for RPVR and all related audio engineering systems
  • Maintain and/or implement new audio capabilities
  • Feature addition and enhancement based on project and studio needs
  • Audio optimizations


  • Strong expertise in advance signal analysis
  • Strong real-time optimization programming skills
  • Great understanding of music theory and advance audio and music concepts
  • 3+ years of game industry experience
  • Very strong C++ coding and systems design experience
  • Excellent math and/or physics skills
  • Experience writing and maintaining audio systems at all levels from the base audio engine to ‘application’ code, music and VO management and tool support
  • Cross-platform experience (PC, Xbox One, PS4) including knowledge of each platforms strengths and weaknesses
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Able to communicate proactively and effectively with excellent oral and written communication skills across discipline
  • Strong interpersonal skills and problem solving ability
  • Must be a self-motivated and energetic team player with a very strong work ethic and cooperative attitude
  • A passion for music and developing the highest quality audio / visual experience in the industry
  • Experience with the Unreal Engine
  • Experience with middleware audio solutions such as FMOD, Miles, WWise
  • B.S. in computer science or equivalent study in related fields
  • Familiarity with audio programming problems such as audio compression formats, sound spatialization, and sound asset management
  • Passion for audio, sound design, and music
    BONUS: Passionate about VR and experience working with it.

If interested, please contact me at with your contact information and resume.


I’ve merged your recruitment threads–we prefer that you place it all in one thread rather than making a separate thread for each job position so that it keeps the forums clean–I’ve also adjusted the thread title, if you need it to be something different let me know.

Sound good, no worries.

Yay, more Los Angeles companies. SEE EPIC, PEOPLE ARE HERE.

Are you trying to get them to set up a branch office or something?

Yes. :D. More and more VR houses are opening up here.

Los Angeles is a great area to develop content, even though at times it is harder to find talent than I would like ;). Plus, with VR being a great industry to be developing in and a lot of those experiences will be entertainment-based, having access to hollywood is a plus.

I will say that UE seems to the engine-of-choice for VR, gaming and non-gaming alike, so there is definitely a need for local office to support the local talent.

BUMP, we are still looking for very talented folks to be a part of our core team here in LA.