Developerment in LiveEditor plugin to MIDI Protocols

Hi, I wonder if any of LiveEditor PlugIn documentation exists, I am trying to develop control of game objects to be controlled via MIDI Devices …

Someone possesses some tutorial or code example using this plugin?

I’m afraid the LiveEditor plugin is still ‘experimental’, and as such, doesn’t have any docs or tutorials. The aim of that plugin is more for editing your map or tuning gameplay in the editor, rather than using MIDI input in the game. However, the portmidi library is distributed with the engine for use in LiveEditor, so you could use it directly from your game code.

We would like to spend more time on the LiveEditor feature, but I’m afraid it is not currently on our short-term plan.

Ok, thanks for reply, Im developer using port midi via c++ Thanks…

I’m purposefully resurrecting this thread because there are at least 20 people who want to play with this plugin, 1 person who’s figured it out, and 0 people who are sharing that information.

Could y’all please post a few screenshots of this in action?

@ Paul Eckhardt
You probably should ask Allar, he played with it.

Just use monsieurgustav’s osc plugin. I put a tutorial on the thread.