Developer needed to make Toolkit Menu for Archviz Agency.

Hi , we need a Developer to make us an in game menu we can use with our Archviz projects for clients. We need the menu to work in First Person Template and VR.

The menu should allow the user to Change materials and assets by pointing at them along with other features we want to include.

Please send quotes and pricing.

We have tried all the available Toolkits on Marketplace, they do not work well for what we need and for what our clients are asking for.


You should definitely post this in here: Job Offerings - Unreal Engine Forums

Or request a mod to move the thread over there. I think you might have a much easier time since this section is more about discussing HOW to create content :slight_smile:

Personally I lack the VR end or I would be happy to help out. But definitely try the job offering section. You might even consider contacting the author of one of the marketplace kits to see if they are willing to help work out some changes to the kit for you which I am sure they would if you offer to make the effort worth the time for them.

Great, thanks for the assistance, much appreciated.