Developer needed for VR project

Reaching out for a client. Virtual reality project involves live mocap streaming onto off the shelf models into an UE4 environment + realtime vfx/particle effects. They are looking for a generalist that can handle a bit of everything and the candidate must be comfortable taking project from set up through delivery. This is being developed for the Vive and to be used as an in-house tool.

Duration: 12 weeks
Location: Montreal (travel, hotel and per diem included).
Start: Early to mid-May

Please send your resumes, portfolios, questions, and inquiries to

Thank you!

Hey Peter,
Let’s save you the travel/hotel/per diem costs and just work together on this in the same city. We are down in Ville-Marie and would be happy to come on over to your office and chat a bit more about what you need done as we have just the people here to handle this.

Passing on your info to the client. Thanks for replying!