Developer group look for more Game Designer, Level Designer and texture artist

Hi people,

We are a small team actually of 3 programmers, one game designer and one sound composer who work on a open world Post-Apocalyptic RPG game.
Looking for 4 3D artist, 2 level designer, texture artist (who work for exemple with substance painter), to join us in this project.
Human 3D Artist
Vehicule 3D Artist
Environment 3D Artist
Different Asset 3D Artist

If you’ve already work with Apex it’s a plus.

What tools do we use ?
We work on an svn server in group with subversion and talk/share about the improvement of the project, on skype and slack.

What about the project ? How to join us ?
I really like to show you the advancement of the project, but i don’t really think showing code will be really explicit.
It’s better to show you our work with my team and some 3D model on skype or slack.

You can contact me on this topic, and/or by private message.
Sorry for my bad english, i’m french ^^

Do you need any animations done or just modeling/level design? I’ll send you over a PM with some examples of our work. Cheers!

If you can make animation it’s better (at some custom animation that we will need).

I love postapo games, i am 3d assets creator: DanteStormdark - Professional, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Hi DanteStormdark,

You can contact me in private message or on skype directly: cristianoquaresma7
I will show you the project and the team.

We are actually looking for human artist ,someone who have already work with ue4 skeleton and his armature

Awesome, well we can model it and animate it all under one roof so I’d love to chat

I could be your Environment 3D artist.

Of course
I think you’ve added me or i’ve added you jakedubs on skype?

Looking for a vehicule programmer.
We are 2 programmer, looking for a third programmer for the vehicule part