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how much does it cost to develope a full working mmorpg ?
any dev who like to discuss details can contact me at

Generally speaking, if you have to ask this question, you can’t afford it.

You ain’t wrong doe…

Translated - he has no idea how much it costs. @jonnytracker - the question does have to be nailed down though - its like asking. " How much does it cost to make a car?" - well if you only made a single car it would costs millions… but if you are already in the car making business, then thousands. Is this car a Ferrari, or is it a Yugo. So, answer to your question - about $3 million initially for a smaller viable ‘full working’. If you want a World of Warcraft situation with ongoing development - around $200+ million. If you take Blizzards customer base paying $15 a month you end up at around $150 million a month in revenue.

Plot twist:
OP just inherited half a billion dollars last week and suddenly got this idea :smiley:

If that was true, then why is he even asking? He can just throw money at the problem.