Develop A JRPG combat/dialogue framework for a PC/Console release

We’re a small game studio based in Australia working on a turn based Japanese-style RPG featuring a very large amount of anime-style art assets. We’ve created a working game, but we’ve got major memory leaking issues and loading issues, so we need to start over with someone more experienced in using Unreal Engine. This contract will be through Escrow via Upwork, and I have more information available at the link below:

Lachlan Snell
Lached Up Games

Hi There.

I have played several JRPGs during my life, really love them. Your problem with performance and memory leaking issue is unusual for a 2D game. Would be interesting to work in a game like this. I´m considering it is a single-player game.
question: Do you want to keep your old code, or want to re-do it from scratch? Also, do you only want in c++ or BP is also a possibility. (BP can be very fast and good performance if used correctly). I love using a mix of c++ and BP

I’ve sent you a VM.