Dev Video Log #2 - The Adventures of Gorm - 2.5D Rogue-Lite

Hi Everyone…

This is my second Video Log, talking about my little game called The Adventures of Gorm… A lot of things has happens since last time. In-game Item Shop. and 3 New Awesome Abilities… FireBall, Shield Bullet, and Raise Dead… You can see it all in the video below. Please join me, and Thank you for watching :slight_smile:



would you be interested to collaborate? I would like to do something similar but for web, on

I’m sorry… I can’t collaborate at the moment. My time to do this is very random, and also, I have very little time… So, I would just be super annoying to collaborate with right now :slight_smile:



I have tried your game from the video log #4, was a short success. The rats are too hard.

The Options menu is without any use, you could add here the settings for keyboard or gamepad play, otherwise would leave it out of an end user demo.

I’m missing the keyboard layout, without a gamepad it is nearly unplayable because it is guesswork how things work.

I’d change keyboard layout to be more intuitive, a&d to move left right is ok, then would set jump set w, instead of space, but that’s just my liking. Not sure what the keys are for using the shop.

Hope to see an update.

One question from the vid #4, you state to move cour anim pipeline to blender, does it mean you created you anims up to that time in ue4 only?

One more thing for the posts on ue forum, would suggest making a continuouse post like most others do so it is easier for people here to see the progress instead of ev. catching an update with browsing the work in progress forum :wink:

Hope to see more good work comming!