Dev Kit won't start


I’ve downloaded the ARK: Dev Kit from Steam, if I want to start it I get redirected to and I should download the Epic Games Launcher, so I did it. But… now the EGL tell me that I should download the ARK: Dev Kit.

I think everybody know, that I don’t want to do this again. :wink:

What can I do now?

Nothing to do about it really.
Go download it from the Epic Games Launcher :slight_smile:

Yeah, take again 30h+ to download. That makes fun! :smiley:

Thank you Jonas!

I know it suck xD
have done that 4 times now xD

I think you can use the steam version if you download some executable files from somewhere, but I don’t know where…

Rename ARK DevKit to ARKDevKit (remove the space). Located in: OS(C: ) / Program Files (x86) / Steam / SteamApps / common, then remove the space in ARK DevKit.
Go to you’re Epic Games Launcher then go to Modding then ARK: Dev Kit. then press the big blue button that says Install. then choose the file location to install it in which is the one i told you above. Go as far as common but no further, what i mean is, DON’T CLICK ON ARKDevKit! Then it will install into the previously downloaded ARK Dev Kit.