Dev Kit Update Nuked my Mod

I did an update this morning for 235.8 and no backup of my files was made. I’m working on a TC, files inside the mod folder were fine.

I suppose this is a warning to others that you can’t rely on the dev kit to make the backup.

Anyone know what might have caused this?

I haven’t heard of this happening. They’ve always placed any changed files in a backup folder. I manually updated to 235.8 this time though. Anyone else seeing this?

I wasn’t watching and haven’t looked to see if the launcher update made a back up since I made my own right when 235.7 was launched and never updated to that “broken” version. However all my files remained exactly the same as I left them other than the obvious test map wipe.

I just ran a verify and no files were backed up, lost some work again :frowning:

I’m going to try and get version control happening on my end.