Dev Kit Tool still on Steam?

Before I re-download this toolset for the 5th time or so, I would just like to verify the following:

Is the Ark Dev Kit which I’ve downloaded from Steam directly, unable to launch? I looked at all the misleading and seemingly outdated information about it, including the whole GitHub thing which gives me a 404 page…
There does not seem to be a way to launch the Editor I’ve downloaded via Steam, at least I can’t find it, buried beneath 100’s of old and outdated videos/posts.

Should I just bite the sour apple, delete the dev kit downloaded from Steam and re-download it via the Epic Games Launcher? Or is there a way to point the Epic Games Launcher towards my download from Steam?

I believe that you would have to download it separately. To access the github link you need to sign into github first and then follow the link. I suggest the Epic Game Launcher option.

This has been said about 50 times countless places on the forums. DO NOT USE STEAM VERSION. It’s not been supported for many many months now, You have to install via the Epic Games Launcher. You can then maintain updates with epic games launcher OR github, Unless you have immediate needs I would not use the github versions as they are just an extra step of hassle before more kinks are ironed out and the big updates are pushed to the launcher.