Dev Kit Requests

I’m sure there are plenty out there, probably even some attempt to organize them somewhere but the forums are chaotic these days.

Here’s a list of things I’d like to see go into the next version or two to prevent a lot of repeated work among other things.

  1. Additional Color Definitions
    The primal game data contains these as a large array, wiped out on every update. It would be nice (in relation to point 2 below) to have a separate Additional Color Definitions to enter new colors into. To that end, it would be nice to see the entire color definition system get a bit of an overhaul to create a palette blueprint and then associate that to a colorset and from that exclude any colors you don’t want a specific region to include.

  2. Automatically copy all “Additional” game data fields
    This speaks for itself, in the game data we have to add dino entries and other things, it would be nice if upon updating, the updater would merge in “additional” fields whenever possible. I understand it may not work every time (if there is a change to the data structure for example), but for the most part this would resolve a lot of the repeated work on dev-kit updates. I am writing a TC, but attempting to still not edit much because it all gets overwritten in an update. Can’t avoid the primal game data though.

  3. Documentation and Organization
    Not asking for the whole shebang to be filled out, but at least some effort towards documenting what the various features are that have already been implemented (and as such documented in a way we can feedback to let you know if something isn’t working right). Organizing the structure of the assets would also help a lot, things are scattered all over the place (or perhaps we lack sufficient documentation to understand the structure?).

  4. Snapping
    Probably the single most annoying thing about the game, both playing and from the dev kit, has been working with tiles. Instead of existing as a uniform/unified size, they seem to depend on the actual mesh and you can easily fail to get things to snap even though it shows green (clicking just makes the green ghost go away without placing). Some information on how snapping works, and maybe a little work into the snapping system would go a long way. From fence foundations, to walls that snap to the wrong ceiling edge between two ceilings, this game gets very frustrating to build in. There is really no reason it should be this difficult either in game, or in the kit. Yes, I understand it’s alpha and things are due to change, but let’s not go down this road too long and get locked into some decisions that long-term end up hurting the game. Already got enough frustration from various bugs killing tames, let’s try to refine a bit of what the game already has now that there is a pretty reasonable amount of content.

  5. Multi-Map
    This one I’m not sure if it already exists, can we load multiple maps and somehow move players between them? I’ve been digging around trying to figure out if an item could exist to move players across to another loaded map (so far as I can tell, around the time the SOTF TC came out, multi-map support came out as well? Love some confirmation on this and a little information on how to take advantage of it, have a great Mazerunner idea I’d like to implement that’ll take a new map, some new items, and a little creativity).

I have some more things, but these are at the top of my list. Thanks for listening.

Cant answer all of those but as for #3 that is under way :slight_smile: Both community made and Wildcard studios,

Official docs

Community wiki

for your 5 it seem you need to do it in c++ to make it :confused:

here for more info : Travelling in Multiplayer in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation