Dev Kit not cooking files

im having a little trouble with the dev kit and the cooking. The mod works fine in the dev kit itself but when i cook only two files appear: and

im assuming iv unticked/changed something somewhere im just not sure what as an earlier version of the mod was working fine.

my question is how does cooking work?

i understand it as when you select the mod and hit cook it looks for the ‘level’ which then points it to the other files and cooks them all up.

So: level>primalgamedata>engram+structure+testgamemode etc

there are no errors during cooking, but whatever is meant to trigger isnt.

Anyone any idea on a work around or what needs to happen but isnt?

thanks, dave


First, let’s make sure these two settings are set in your MAP used for COOKING. (Under word settings of that map. Notice I am using the TEST MAP for this example, BUT my cooking map (which is the generic mod map renamed to ScientistClass_Mod) has the exact same settings.

Once those two are correct. Let’s check the COOKING MOD Settings:


This tab, the Maps Input, must be named to the EXACT map used for your mod. In this case mine is ScientistClass_Mod.

If that map has the proper settings in the world tab above and is named correctly here - it will cook the entire mod.

IF NOT - you will get a cook without errors - but nothing is produced.

Hope these help a little.

i got the same problem, the files will called MyTestMod.umap.z and MyTestMod.umap.z.uncompressed_size after cooking and i get this warnings from cooking

and some times the folder is empty in output

Thankyou CFrankie, that second picture was my error I’d changed it for some reason :s It’s cooking the MOD again now Thankyou.

nothing changed

What are you referring to? As you only have one post, and that’s all it says, you have provided no context and will not get any help here with that.

If you’re experiencing issues, please start your own thread and describe what you’re trying/wanting to do and why you can’t/what is happening when you try.


OK. I have the same problem as that of Tanglewolf. After the implementation of the recommendations of CFrankie, nothing has changed.

Hahahahahaha, you are amazing! Thanks! XD
I have spent hours trying to figure out why I only get and the and people have tried helping without understanding why it doesn’t work for me. XD

I am having difficulties but of a different kind, I am getting 2 output folders when cooking, I get the proper folder called Solar_Panels which has the cooked files inside but I also get a folder named 123456789 which holds the mod and modmeta files only, on looking in the Solar_Panel folder there is no mod or modmeta files so it looks as though these are cooking seperately, also when cooking is finished it shows 0 ERRORS but the upload button remains ghosted. I have done all abouve but this does not help at all. Could anyone shed a little light on this for me.

Because you’re using the Test Output directory, if you’re trying to upload to steam that needs to be blank, else the mod will not cook both the windows and linux versions in a format ready for the workshop.