Dev kit keep freezing

I’m trying to set up a new mod. I create the new folder under mods, but when i try to move the three files over everything freezes. It doesn’t matter which of the three i try or if i use copy or make a child the whole thing locks up.
It’s not taking a while to load mind you, it actually freezes. I have to close it down in the task manager where it says (not responding).

This is my first time using the dev kit and i’m just following posted tutorials, what (if anything) am i doing wrong here?

same thing keeps happening to me.

ok so i figured out what the problem is, your gonna be ****** too. Turns out, there is nothing wrong. When you move the files, the dev kit uses so much of its memory that it basically shuts down until the files are moved over. That is why it doesnt respond. If you just let it sit for 10-15 minutes maybe, your dev kit will respond again and you will find the files in the folder you copied them too. Trust me, you just have to wait it out. Its great to learn that there is nothing really wrong, but it sucks because the contest is over and you could have built mods this whole time. I am in the same boat. hope that works for you

Incorrect, the contest deadline was pushed to April 1st. Source.

This is technically inaccurate. The DevKit (read: Game Engine Development Program - not your average piece of software) actually locks out interaction while it loads references and assets into memory then proceeds to build/compile shaders as it needs to. It doesn’t lock up because it’s using too much memory, it “shuts down” while it starts soaking up memory so that it can do everything from that point on - generally - instantly. If the wait is too long, you’re either impatient or your hard drive is inadequate in it’s read speeds.

That’s not to say an average computer can’t run it, most computers can(x64 ones anyway), but the performance of the DevKit quickly becomes hindered when ran on a machine not built for game development. The best way to speed up the DevKit is to have a powerful computer, but as that’s not possible for everyone jumping into PIE(pressing the Play button once the initial loading is completed) will lock the DevKit up - as per usual(it will do this the first time you try to load anything after opening it) - then most actions will become a lot quicker if not instantaneous.

If shader compilation, blueprint compilation or the cooking process takes too long, again you’re either extremely impatient(if your machine is decently equipped for the DevKit) or your CPU is struggling under the load it places on it - shader compilation will peg your CPU to it’s absolute maximum while it works.

RAM becomes a factor in regards to general responsiveness. If you’ve had the DevKit open for a long time, and especially on Windows 10 with it’s aggressive caching approach, it will continuously over time dump memory from it’s own process into the cached/compressed memory and this will continue to build until you reach a point where the DevKit will start misbehaving - it will no longer be able to commit random changes and will exhibit annoying behaviour when dealing with function and event modifications, also the longer it is open… the chance of a crash occurring increases significantly - but this is on a scale of multiple hours from what I’ve observed.