Dev Kit Issues since upgrading to v224.2


I grabbed the files and content from github last night and copied the files over like I normally do and now everytime I cook my mod I get 2 fatal errors during cooking and then a “Job Successful” message which has no errors in it.

Errors are the following…

Screenshot (150).png

Screenshot (151).png


And every time I exit the Dev Kit I get an error too as follows…

Screenshot (153).png

Anyone got any ideas as to what the issue is?



Hi the dev. kit don’t like the special character in the description, title…etc.
Try to save in a txt file, and replace by a letter.
You can change the description later on your mod page.


This is before I’m uploading it - this is just cooking it.

I’ve uploaded this mod many many times before with no issues whatsoever, only a problem in v224.2.

Hey there,

I got exactly the same issue since updating to v224.2. Before updating I’ve cooked A LOT without any issues. And now when I start cooking, I get the same fatal errors as in your pictures…
At first I thought I was something I did, but then I used a backup of my mod without the changes I made, and re-cooked it as well, to ensure it wasn’t something I did wrong, and it gave the same fatal errors again…

EDIT: It also occurs (randomly) when closing the ADK.

I do hope this gets fixed soon, seeing that we’re put on a hold with uploading any mod updates.


I am getting the same thing also. I also thought it was my mod as Rexcidium did, but now I’m sure it is not. It usually happens on cook but just now I was opening a BP and that error popped up 3 times in a row, wasn’t in the middle of cooking or anything just double clicked a BP. It doesn’t shut down like it says it’s going to do either. I’m hesitant to update my mod with it like this in case it breaks it.
Please fix,
P0k3 out!

Glad it’s not only me.

I haven’t patched any of my mods just in case it breaks them so I hope they fix it soon!

Same. Please need a fix soon. I have new mod I need to test in server!

Getting this with my devkit as well, not sure how it actually affects the cooked out files, as it seems to still output everything okay. My test cook ran without going completely nuclear, just highly annoying having the crash messages in the devkit.

Hey all, can you try updating the binaries from GitHub again, or just extract the DLL from this ZIP, into this location of the ADK:


Please let us know if that helps.

(also curious if that crash actually fundamentally prevented you from cooking/uploading, or was just an annoyance)

Anyhow, we forgot to update that DLL it seems, and once you’ve confirmed this updated DLL works, we’ll get the ADK updated on the Epic Launcher :wink:


Thanks Drake!

Works perfect now!

The crash message popped up a couple of times during cooking but I dismissed it and it seemed happy enough to carry on.

I didn’t actually upload any of my mods just in case it broke anything (didn’t want 30k subs to all be on my case :P)

Thanks for the help!


Great, thank you for the confirmation! We’ll get the fixed DLL uploaded to the Epic Launcher now. Until then, we’ll post a note about GitHub on the main version thread.


My mod cooked and uploaded well enough even with those odd “crash” messages. My comments section hasn’t exploded with “U RUINED MY SERVR” messages so must have cooked okay. :wink:

Thanks Drake for the quick response, the ADK works again here! Hope it does for the rest as well! Very much appreciated!

Offhand slot is missing with the new build but can still equip. But because I cannot see the offhand slot, cannot unequip

I can see it quite clearly, verify your DevKit.


So when I used the binaries from github and the diff content zip, it was fine. When I updated using the epic launcher, it broke. Re-copied github and differing content, and it was fixed, but epic launcher wants to update, so I decided to do it again, Off hand is missing again.

Even the shields are missing from the inv.

offhand is missing for me aswell

cooking my TC takes eternity since the update…

224 content update that fixed all issues for me, courtesy of Jat