Dev Kit Help: Few questions!

Hello there! :slight_smile:

I’m brand new to the Dev Kit, I’m currently just learning the basics. But I have a few doubts.

**1 - When creating a new dino variant, where can I find (and modify) its favorite food for taming? ** (I’m looking forward to remake the kibble tree, for a kibble only mod.)

2 - How can I make wild dinos spend level points on speed? (Actually becoming faster, so they don’t become wasted points) Plus, Is there any way to remove a chance to a point be spend on a certain stat? (I want remove some stats improving in some dinos, hoping to reduce the RNG when searching for decent breeders.)

**3 - How can I make wild dinos deplete stamina? (Also tamed ones, when not mounted) **

4 - And the last one. Alright, I finished the “new” dino. It’s a Dodo that only eats mejos, how can I replace the original dodo with mine? So the game don’t spawn both.

Ok, as I said, I’m a noob! Those were the first questions that I had. Any help on the subjects is appreciated! There’s a long learning road ahead for me, so** I’ll be happy with anything I learn**!

Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide!