Dev Kit freezes when adding a Clutter Layer

Upon adding copying the clutter layer from TheIsland or setting the clutter models on a new clutter object, my editor completely freezes and won’t respond until the process is killed. I was following the tutorial here and adding it into my level, which is currently set up for level streaming. Is this a bug with the current release or is this just something with my setup? I can upload the mod project directory if someone would like to take a look at it directly.

Open up task manager when that happens. I bet you it is still actually doing something. I’ve never really seen a hard lock that doesn’t eventually resolve in ue4 editor. It is pretty good about crashing when it is stuck.

How much RAM do you have? Is this being done on your average desktop?

CPU usage hovers around 0-2% on my 4770K and RAM usage is fine as well. I have left it alone for about an hour with no dice previously, eventually killing the process when I noticed the low CPU usage. My rig is a little shabby and I do get hitches in UE4 when working with large terrains, but it is not a toaster by any means and I’ve never had these sort of issues in the stand alone UE4 editor.

A an update I installed the new version of the editor and still getting the same issue. The map is pretty much just a large landscape with a water plane and some foliage at this point.

i wish i could help, i literally know nothing about landscapes :frowning:

Ended up getting it working by copying them into a blank level first, then copying the rest of what I had already made into it afterwords. Obviously not ideal but at least I only need to do it once.