Dev Kit Freezes My Entire PC

So I downloaded the dev kit and on first start after clicking launch I get the loading window but after a couple of minutes my entire pc hangs, can’t even get into the task manager and had to unplug my pc. I tried twice but same thing, is this common and should I just launch it and leave it until it stops hanging? Doesn’t seem very healthy for my pc to stay stuck like that.

First load on a fresh install usually takes awhile as does loading after an update. It’s loading a lot of info.
Mine never really takes more than 10 minutes but others have reported several hours to load the first time

The DevKit is pretty painful.

My old 8-year-old rig would run it, but certain actions, like copying and moving files, took 40 minutes or longer. It was unusable. I do NOT recommend using an older 7200 RPM harddrive for modding, lol.

My new rig, which is a watercooled, SSD-strapped monstrosity, still has issues with the DevKit. Things that take the longest: Initial startup, copying files, and launching the PIE initially each run.