Dev Kit freeze when trying to change text in cooking menu


For few days now Ark Dev Kit completely freezes when I click on mod description box and today there is a new addition to this wonderfull bug, with change notes freezing as well <3.

The problem is that there is no way of changing notes or/and description, even if I try to force change the file through explorer, the dec kit completely ignores any changes to it and freezes completely when I click on description/notes text box.

I got around first one by simply having my description in a text file and updating it through steam client after uploading and update, though the problem is that it’s not possible for change notes. Few days ago I had to completely reinstall Dev Kit, because my description contained invalid character (™) and I couldn’t change it in a any way, not being able to upload my mod to steam.

Why is that happening, I understand Dev Kit has mini freezes time to time because of loading files to memory (usualy takes up to 5-10sec), but come on… a text box? I left it running for about 15 minutes and nothing changed.

Running on i7-4790, msi gtx 980, 16gb ram, samsung 960gb ssd, so that kind of thing should not be my pc’s fault

Happened to me as well, it’s either some characters like " or just too long text that causes all the fields to go insane. Good news is, you can edit the fields outside the Dev Kit, just go to ARKDevKit\ModTools\ModConfigs\MODNAME.vdf and open it up with NP++ or whatever and edit the fields. Save the file, open Dev Kit and you can again use the cooker like normal.