Dev-Kit Devs: Another couple issues for you.

I’ve been playing around with items that have a “Give Item When Used” value. There appears to either be a bug or a lack of variables in regards to what is happening.
I created an item that works to give me for example, stones when used. The problem is, it gives 15, every time. It seems like it’s pulling this value from “Item Quantity” off of PrimalItemResource_Stone.
Now, this may be intended, but this means we cannot adjust the quantity of any item given without adjusting the item itself. Furthermore, we may want to give a range, which might be different for various items. For example, different size crates of stone.

Suffice to say, I have everything working, except there is no variable within the BP (my custom Crate of Stone) to control how much of the “Give Item When Used” is actually given, and I consistently see 15 with stone in particular.

Suggested Solution: Please change the “Give Item When Used” to use a LootItemSet BP, allowing flexible control over forced or range of quantities, as well as supporting multiple items if so desired (some flint crumbles out of the crate too?). However, if it was to fall in line with other stuff it would probably use the higher level Inventory BP used for drops, harvesting, etc. Whatever the case, I’d just like to see some way to control the quantity of what’s given.

Second problem, and this may just be that I haven’t really looked deep enough to find how to do it, but is there a way to give an item (let’s use a smithy as an example) a unique inventory for each user that uses it, such that if player A puts 100 stone into it, player B won’t see it? In specific, I’m looking to avoid people stealing from an otherwise publically usable machine, while maintaining the owner on who put the stone into the machine, and any item that was crafted as a result of their items would also remain exclusively visible to them (or alternatively is spawned directly into the players inventory when crafted?). I cannot think of anything currently in the game that behaves in a way similar to this. If it’s not already hiding in an obscure property somewhere, would it be possible to add something like this?

Thanks for listening.

The “Give Item When Used” value I am not sure of because I have not messed with it in any way, but the inventory part, would be possible through blueprinting. I am not sure you would be able to use their inventory system, or if you would have to create your own inventory component entirely, and just plug that into your item. But it should be entirely possible to identify the source inspecting the item, then show them only items that they “own”.