Dev kit cooks theIsland map after updating

So I updated yesterday to the 210.1 version, but now it starts cooking the whole map rather than just the things edited… Any ideas why?

You probably tinkered with something that touches on the map.

Re-verify the Epic install… overwrite the latest diff/Git files… and you’ll be right. The Epic backup folder should show you the files that triggered the map cook.

There is nothing that could possibly make the dev kit cook the map, I just edited sounds and animations.

I had the same issue… but the resolution is the same. Be interesting to know if there were any map related files in your backup folder: could help the devs debug or let you know what you might have accidentally changed while viewing stuff.

No, only the Dino folder with my edited files in it and the sounds folder with the edited dino sfx. I tried to cook it without the changes i made, still starts cooking the map (the dev kit says at the beginning that it started cooking the map, then i adds my eidted stuff and start cooking the map.)

EDIT: It says something like -run cook -Map

That is odd… even after you did a re verify.

Might want to post in Brightstar’s thread in the main forum… Seems a few of you are seeing this issue.

Did anyone find out how to fix this issue? I’m facing the same with the latest update.