Dev Kit constantly freezing

After crazy issues trying to get the Dev Kit installed in the first place, I’m now having issues where doing certain things causes the dev kit to totally freeze.

For example, clicking “play” , selecting (any) PrimalGameData_BP_ , double-clicking in the 3D view window.

Some things don’t cause the freeze/not responding max CPU usage though - I can view/edit properties of some other blueprints.

Any ideas?

Windows 7 / 32 gigs of RAM.

Also, just noticed, it keeps creating/closing “ShaderCompileWorker.exe” processes in the background. The last thing I tried doing was copying the PrimalGameData_BP_ to a new mod folder.

It’s entirely normal, just wait, let it do its thing.


Very much normal. Doesn’t matter about your PC specs. There is 75gb of data for the game to constantly link and give reference to, every single time you click a down arrow for a drop down box it has to compile a compatible list with all files.