Dev kit completly freezing suddenly no matter what I do?

So i am getting real ****** of this…
Been trying to fix this (uninstall 2x on both my HDD, re import project) and i am kinda lost in what to do now.

When i loaded my project it randomly freeze the kit and wont respond after some time… and it dosent matter what im doing in the kit…
Allmost like when it try to load something? but what?
Anybody exp anything like this or knows if its posible to like debug/see whats wrong?

I am nearly giving up at this point.

Hope some of you can help me.

for your first time launch you should load theisland and wait for it to render for an hour or two, your computer will be useless and “frozen’ish” until it is done, This is due to ADK compiling all the shaders, but once its done its done, This editor heavily uses caching so having alot of ram and big page files will help but once its loaded once its a pretty quick editor

Well. The problem is that it all started after the new devkit update?

So should i still load up the island again after uninstall?

I would say so yes, it will atleast compile all the shaders for future refrence

But should that really cause the freeze of the dev kit? oO

My dev kit “stops responding” in task manager during many tasks and will just visually freeze up during these commonly. This is pretty standard, and should be nothing to worry about provided it isn’t actually crashing, and eventually “un-freezes”

I have the same episodes… but at some point it wont unfreezy again. (tried letting it sit for an hour at some point but got tired of waiting after none of the stats in task manager changed and nothing happened)

eventually you learn which actions take a little time and which would just crash you, a good point to look for in task manager is when the UE4 editor uses 0% cpu and very little ram, like 40-60mb = crash but when it freezes the cpu will be at 80%+ and ram at 90% if not 100% and if you have harddrives with pagefiles then those will be at a 100% as well to act as ram

The problem is… It is not when i do one certain action, but it just randomly doing it.
Thats why i am asking here cause I know I got those random freeze’s that solve themself after some time. But this one. Keeps coming back and wont solve itself and I have no idea how to fix it.

If it was caused by one action I would ofc know what not to do anymore, but thats not the case.

That is strange then, are you modding or mapping?

I am mapping. I kinda fear its my map files which are the problem… But i have no idea how to find out which of the files it is since it wont give me any errors at all…

This happens all the time for me, eventually it unfreezes. Never had a freeze when it was installed on my ssd.

The problem is not the regular freezes. I got them too. But this one speciel freeze just keep coming back and wont unfreeze again…

sometimes it’s a crash so bad that the crash report will fail to load and you have to task manager–>end task. This happens sometimes if you save before compiling causing an “infinity crash”. I made that last term up to describe this particular scenario. Also check running security software, anything additional on top of windows defender can cause false positives.

  1. It will crash even when im afk in the editor.
  2. i dont use any other antivirus then windows defender :slight_smile: (prob should xD)