Dev kit closes itself whenever I try to do anything

Every time I drag something from the file browser into the world the dev kit just freezes and then it just closes itself with no crash message whatsoever.
I have even waited some time before trying to do anything, but every time I try to do anything other then moving the camera around it just closes itself. Any fix?

If it only happens when you try to open a new world it is a bug with the light source. You need to delete it first and after get a new one in the “modes” on the top right corner and search for “Light source” and place it in the world. Hope it will work otherwise there is an other post with almost the same problem only couldn’t find it.

To the OP. I too was getting this issue. I was able to resolve it by unchecking the “Atmospheric Light” for the Light Source. Just as Jonbink had noted, there seems to be a lighting bug of some sort.


Hey, you are a lifesaver. Everytime i tried to load my basic map the ADK crashed on me, now i could load it without problems. Only thing disturbing is, that now the whole Landscape has a red tint lol

I had the same issue, I ended up just deleting my light source before loading. After it loads, it does have a red tint, I just put a new directional light into the map and it got rid of it, and it loads up everytime no issue.

how can i delete my lightsource if i didn’t load the map? Or do you load, delete, save, load again, replace lightsource?

Ok seems to work, many thanks :smiley: