Dev grant site down?

Hi everyone,

I was just trying to look at the dev grant site when I hit get started it just rolls down the page but doesn’t take you anywhere.
Has the “apply” link changed?

It works for me, sends me to a sign-up at the bottom of the page for the program.

So try again or try a different browser?

O.k. thanks yeah I am using Windows 10’s Edge browser its a little clunky sometimes :slight_smile:

That could do it! Edge sucks…

I would suggest using Firefox. It has always worked best for me on this forum.

Yeah I used to use Firefox only until it got all bloated out with weird things and kept crashing on me.
Edge is o.k. for the most part but sometimes it zonks out on links.
I think its a Flash / HTML5 thing.
It does terrible with Twitch I can never get it to show the “last broadcast” video window.
It always jumps away before I can click on it.

Try wiping the cache in firefox when that happens. For the most part it is the most stable browser.
And don’t install a bunch of plugins. That never works out well for any browser.

My brother has had that problem on twtich too with edge! Microsoft just can’t seem to make a browser worth while anymore.

Might be a flash/HTML things… But then again it is microsoft. It could be anything. :slight_smile: