Dev for the Oculus

I need to create a simple scene for the Oculus but I had a few questions first:

  1. Do I need to pay the $20 a month to be able to develop for the Oculus, even though I DON’T have the headgear and I don’t currently need to see it run on it.

  2. Do I need the Oculus headgear present to be able to run it, or will it error out?


What 20$ a month are you talking about? Do you mean the 21$ subscription cost? If yes then you have to do it, because it’s jsut the cost of ue4. You can buy the sub for a month oly and keep using the old version you got, and then after soem months pass, upgrade to a new one, by again paying.

As far as developing for Oculus, you can’t test without the hardware, you can see a view of what will be shown on the headset, but without the sensor input you won’t know if movement and things like that are working correctly.

I think it’s funny that you want to develop for Oculus without paying for Unreal Engine or paying for an Oculus. Pay the $19 for Unreal Engine, download all content examples and free demos you want, get source code or whatever extras you want, and just unsubscribe. For the entire month, you can still download anything you want. After that, you can still use the engine to your heart’s desire for the rest of your life, without updates. And the Oculus of course is completely necessary, because what the monitor shows and what the Oculus shows are two very different things.