[Dev Blog] Project Atlas

WARNING: Wall of text inbound in 3…2…1…

So I decided to start developing my own game because I’m sick of these companies lying to us and not giving us what we want in a game, which is a non-broken balanced game, and that is what I’m striving to build. So my game is going to be a 1st Person shooter, but it’s going to have a cover system kind of like the Gears of War or Mass effect, but once you get into cover it pops you into 3rd person (may or may not change.) So it’s going to be relying on the cover system to really change the gameplay. A team that doesn’t use the cover system will lose against a team that uses the cover system to full effect and takes advantage of it.

So I’m building the game in the Unreal 4 Engine (UE4) and it shouldn’t take ALL that long to get a testable version up and running using placeholder assets. I’m going to be relying on the blunt opinions of the [SC] clan for input and giving me criticism. I’m hoping I’m going to be able to easily host a server on my own computer (or chewy’s server) so we can actively test the game and kill each other.

            Title: **Project Atlas**

Time Period: Slightly futuristic, maybe 2020 to 2035?

Style of Game: A shooter with a cover system, trying to decide between 1st person and 3rd person.

Number of Maps: 15-20 on initial ship.

How many DLCs?: 1-5? Will fluctuate

**Teams: **
Team 1: Atlas Corp., Robots created by the Atlas Corporation to help the Police force, but over ruled everyone and took over the world.
Team 2: Luna/Lunar Rebellion, Human rebellion to fight the Atlas Corp and take back Earth from the Robot scum!

Classes?: Yes, could change in future need more input.

Class 1: Medic, can revive friendlies and uses light machine guns and health packs to heal friendlies.

Class 2: Engineer, constructs turrets and temporary shields (one or the  other), uses a shotgun and machine pistol/PDW (mp7 ect.) uses his  repair tool to repair his turrets and cover

Class 3: Assault, uses assault rifles, drops ammo packs and can equip m320s and variants

Class 4: Infiltrator/Specialist, uses cloak (5-10sec cloak time?) to  get behind enemy lines, uses C4 and trip wires to blow enemies up. Uses Swords, bows, and throwing knives to silently take out his/her enemies, gets a specil 1 shot kill melee execution if he/she is crouched and hidden/cloaked . Every time you kill an enemy you get more cloak time up to 1 minute (could change.)

Class 5: Assassin, uses DMRs or Bolt Action Rifles, get a special armor coating to help blend into the background, kind of like a Chameleon can change color.

**Gun types: **
Assault rifle (M16A3/M416/AK-47)
Sub Machine Gun (MP5, M4A1, G36C)
Shotgun (870mcs, Saiga12k, AA-12)
Light Machine Gun (M249, M240B, MG36)
Sniper Rifle (M40A5, M24, .50 Cal Barret)
Designated Marksmen Rifle (Sks, MK11, SVD)
Pistols (1911, M9, Glock .40, .357 Revolver)


Customizable characters - Change hair, skin tone, voice, hieght, wieght (maybe), and ***.

Customizable armor - Like Rainbow Six Vegas 2, where there is 3 types  light, medium,heavy and you can change the color or each to what ever  you want.

Team Death Match 6v6, 8v8, 10v10 -
Basic TDM rules first team to clear out all the enemy’s respawns wins.

Tactical Team Death Match 6v6. 8v8. 10v0 -
Whole team has 20 respawns, fight team to get their respawns depleted loses.

Capture the Virus 6v6, 8v8 - (Might scrap this)
    Rebels: Get Virus into Team Atlas' main frame and shut Atlas Industries down!

Team Leader 4v4, 6v6, 8v8 - 
    Kill the enemy leader to stop respawns then wipe the rest of the enemy team, first team to do this wins.

Conquest 8v8, 10v10 - 
    3-5 points to capture on the map the more points one team controls the faster the other teams respawns run out.

Virus Carrier 4v4, 6v6, 8v8, 10v10 - 
    Everyone is Atlas, 1 person in the match randomly becomes "infected"  with a     virus, and the more people the infected person "Tags" the more  the player gains points, any players that are "tagged" become "infected"  as well and the player at the end with either the most points or  whoever lives to the end of the round timer wins, rounds maybe 2-3  minutes long and there are 3 rounds.

Notes on Atlas Corporation:
They’re robots with a very advanced AI programmed into them. They use futuristic type weapons but still resemble modern day weapons. They use rebel robots and humans as slaves to rebuild society to the way the Atlas Corporation sees it, I’ve had people tell me that the Atlas Corp seems like SKYNET, and honestly I had no inspiration from Terminator but I do see the similarities. Don’t want to spoil too much but Atlas Corp is running an operation called “Project Atlas” and they might be building a giant robot…maybe…

The way the Atlas are going to look is going to be futuristic, just to get an idea, think of Tron from the movie Tron:Legacy and how he has a sleek face mask and the lights and stuff. Some thing like that but adding armor and steel plates and what not. Click me for example.

Notes on The Luna Rebellion:
They’re humans that have ran away and there are cells of rebels scattered around the world, but the main Rebel base is on the moon, a good amount of people were able to escape to the moon before the Atlas took over. The Luna cell the main character in the story is in is called “The Reapers” because they have no mercy and don’t like anything to do or associate with the Atlas corp, so they shoot any and every Atlas Bot they see, well maybe not all ;)…

I want the same face mask kind of like the Atlas or Tron but I want them to look more human and kind of the modern day U.S Marines.
Some random info:**
If anyone is interested in helping me, I can’t pay you, but your work would be greatly appreciated and credited. I need someone that uses 3ds/Blender to help me make 3D characters, fully rig those characters and help me animate them, and if you could, teach me how to do it.

I’m going to be building the Multiplayer first then the story, I’m going to have to design and write both sides of the story, Atlas and Luna Rebels. I’m doing this whole project by myself for now. It’s going to be a Free To Play or it might cost $2.50-5.00 just so I can make this my job, I’m mainly doing it for experience, fun, and being able to create a game or game series that will strive for the public’s opinion and thoughts on what I can improve on and what I can nerf and balance. I know that’s what almost Studio/Developer says but I’m just one person, not ran by a company or publisher so I’m relying on NO ONE to endorse me, so I can literally do whatever I want in my game.

I will also be posting some more screen shots of the map and game as it comes out, I’m working on recording a video and posting it, will post that here as well.

Barrett .50 Cal CQB - Needs to be textured and I’m going to modify it a little to incorperate the styles of both Atlas and the Luna Rebels, mostly done just need to do those things.

Junkyard Map Progression, need to texture and finish up the map. Gotta add the tunnel system, the junkyard area, mechanic shop, and the Luna Rebel spawn area and buildings in between.

Overview of what I have so far

Where the junkyard and mechanic shop is going to go. Going to to most likely shorten up the map a little bit but will see when I get everything built.

Reserved for future posts and changelog