DetourCrowd AIs stucking at other DCrowd "dead" characters


I almost finished my AI to mobs, but I’m facing a problem…
Looks like the “live” AIs are still considering the bodies on ground to pathfinding until after I flag all the collisions disabled on the “dead” ones.
This causes characters stucking when among or facing piles of corpses.

What can I make about this? (Other than destroy the dead characters)

Thank YOU. :smiley:

You can notice a stuck AI at 0:50 the same framed at 1:40

Excluding actors from AI…


Looking at the docs, I’ve seen that to an actor be considered by the crowd it need to be “registered” within the crowd manager…
…so by the inverse logic.

void MyCrowdAIController::KillCharToCrowd( )
             UCrowdManager * StaticCrowdManager = UCrowdManager::GetCurrent(this);
             if (StaticCrowdManager)

I noticed that on remove the character from the crowd, the other agents sort of get lost by around 1-2 seconds before the Crowd Agent “readjust”. Is there a way to accelerate this update?