Detour crowds vs RVO Avoidance

First part of this question is basically what is the difference between the two avoidance solutions, I’ve heard detour crowds is better but does it do anything I can’t do with rvo avoidance, and if it is really a lot better is there anyway to expose it to blueprints, I can’t really find any useful information about this.

RVO is force based. It will keep your actors from colliding but it will not respect the nav mesh. This means that it can push your AI into a area with no nav mesh getting them stuck.

Detour uses navmesh queries to try to avoid obstacles. It’s not fantastic but it will always respect the nav mesh. This works with a few AI but not with hundreds. You can change the settings in the Crowd manager section of project settings.

I’ve just noticed that there is a new DetourCrowdAIController class that we can use instead of regular AIController to use Detour Crowds. How about performance cost at both of these methods (RVO vs Detour Crowds)? Let’s say i want to simulate max 40-50 NPCs at once. Also, is there some visual difference (in the way NPC’s avoid each other) between them?

Has anyone been able to make a custom C++ DetourCrowdAIController child? I keep getting linker 2019 errors like this when I try in 4.21.1: ADetourCrowdAIController in C++ - C++ Programming - Unreal Engine Forums