Detour Crowds Question: How to use your own movement steering component to follow path from crowds

Hi all,

Hope all’s well!

I’m new to UE4 and the forums, have limited experience still and had a quick question for you all.

I was working on a scene involving crowds, and I’m currently using a DetourCrowds AI controller. So it works, the characters avoid one another and I’m happy with the overall paths.
I’m not happy with the unnatural movement of the characters as they follow those paths however, the characters slide around the paths whilst rotating in place and they don’t bank naturally while walking.
I’ve set up my own movement controller that takes a target point as input and makes character walk/bank/steer naturally towards the target. however I’d like to integrate this with the detour crowd, essentially taking intermediate points from crowd as input to my movement component.

Unfortunately, the current implementation of detour crowd has a task that uses

‘Move to Location or Actor’

Unfortunately, this moves the actor directly, but I need this component as it also considers some pathfinding, overlap, partial path etc. otherwise I’d have to write my own custom one.
What I want to do is use this node but to obtain only deltas or intermediate target positions and NOT apply the movement on the character himself. I want to apply my own movement using the target point/paths as reference from the move node in question.

Is this possible to achieve? How can I use ‘Move to Location or Actor’ to retrieve target path points or deltas and use my own steering/movement component to affect velocity and turn rate instead of having them app;lied by node directly, because as is the node does all the movement for me.
Or is the solution some kind of hack around that, like adding a helper object that moves with the crowd AI then having the character follow the helper object to steer naturally, or even worse resetting the transforms after Move node is applied then steering towards the location before resetting (which would be ugly)

Thanks in advance!

I guess my reply come to late, but perhaps you want this

There is also async version - which will return to you a path.

It is a path finding querry not sure if it will communicate directly
with the detour - and probably non of the detour steering will be applied.

However maybe you could cheat on detour - to let it move fake agent - so it will apply it’s steering - detour however will also then try to move the actor the agent is responsible of - I am not sure of the detours imementation in depth,
but maybe you can intercept the detours repath in your pathfollowing component and do something else ?

Hope it will help someone.