Detour Crowds Pathfinding Issue

I’m using Detour Crowds to make AIs avoid each other but it seems like the pathfinding breaks on certain situations. For example, when there are stationary AIs blocking the straight path.

As you can see instead of going around the 2 stationary AIs, it just shakes left and right as if trying to figure out where to go and then bumps into them (completely getting stuck)

I tried playing with the Avoidance Configs in the Project Settings but that seems to do very little in regards to this scenario. If I remove one of the blocking AIs, the moving AI goes around properly but it still shakes as if not knowing where to go.

Any help would be great!

Hi Jujaswe,

I don’t mean to derail from the detour crowd AI, but have you tried using RVO Avoidance on the pawn? It belongs to the movement component. You may need to play with the number too, try big and small numbers to see how it changes.

I have tried it before. The problem with RVO is it has this weird rotation where it always faces the target location (almost like they’re strafing). So even when they’re turning a corner, they’re facing the wrong direction. How do you solve that?

Bump. Anyone? I’m sure I’m not the only one encountering this issue.