Detour Crowds + Move To - produces Bad Pathfinding

Hello, I’ve switched from RVO to Detour Crowds and got a wierd/bad navigation of my pawns.

So what I had and how I’ve implemented Detour Crowds navigation:
For Detour crowds ive extended the AIcontroller class. I used a MoveTo node in my pawn controller with pathfinding and projecting coordinates to navigation ON.


when I used RVO - it produced good avoidance of walls and terrain but bad avoidance of other pawns.

With the same settins only using Detour Crowds the result is - good avoidance of other pawns but bad avoidance of walls and terrain, its laggy in terms of movement and pawn gets blocked by an “invisible dirt”.

Heres the video with Detour Crowds ON, Disabled Use Pathfinding in MoveTo node:

And a video with Detour Crowds ON, Enabled Use Pathfinding in MoveTo node:

Also in Project settings I used default settings for the Crowed Manager Settings only chaged the Max Actor Radius to 150. As the Giant pawn has a capsule component radius of 150. Didnt touch any other settings have no clue what does Radii do.

in Navigation System - supporting actors all the types of Actors are inputed and all the Recast navigation mesh also present.

Oh and MoveTo is going through the Tick so maybe the pawn is strugling to chose path.

But in anycase with all of that I would like to find out and fix this laggy-jiggly movement when I use Pathfnding On when using MoveTo node.

Hope to hear from MieszkoZ as he helped me in the past with pathfinding quastions :slight_smile:

Update: Fixed Blueprints logic using MoveTo with Tick (now tick doesnt spam MoveTo, added branch with variable so if i send a pawn to move, variable changes and prevents from firing the MoveTo. Using other custom events variable is refreshed)
But even so, still produces odd movement ocasionaly, see the video:

Aditionaly I want to add that there are certain places that have no special feature about them but pawn gets crazy and goes the other way , far away. Checked Recast nav mesh, seems normal.

Another thing, is it possible to debug detour crowds, some visual debuging, console commands?

I believe this link has some information about detour debugging here:

One quick guess as to why your trow unit is moving off into the distance is that he might be trying to walk to world coordinates of 0,0,0. Why that is I’m not sure, but we often found similar behavior early on in our project when the moveto location vector was invalid, it would default to [0,0,0].

I haven’t looked deeply into this stuff myself (yet), but I’ve been keeping an eye on it. I would dearly love more information for detour crowds. RVO isn’t suitable for RTS style games, especially in formations. I doubt RVO2 will help resolve any of this either (as seen on their roadmap).