Detour Crowd AI Controller can not simulate a big crowd?

Hi, I am trying to simulate a big crowd of AI characters. It wont be something fancy but I want them to move to somewhere. The simulation is working fine until I got 50 characters. But when I add character to the scene the first character I placed is not moving anymore. More the characters I add after 50 the more characters are not moving in the scene. I checked world outliner and I saw that there are AIControllers for every character I add. For some reason Crowd AI Controller can not control more than 50 characters simultaneously. First I thought that it is because some limitations in the engine than I saw this guys video(Unreal Engine AI Crowd Example Video - YouTube) with 400 AIs and realise that the problem is about me. I checked forums for helps but could not find anything. What would be the problem in my case and how can I solve it? I need to control much bigger crowds for my project.

Here is the blueprint of my AI character:

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Can’t believe no one answers?!
You can tweak it here: Project Settings/Crowd Manager/Max Agents

The main problem is that tick in blueprints and for each loops don’t perform very well. Moreover the detour crowd controller does not scale for large crowds.

I’m currently working on a zombie based horde/crowd game and a huge bottle neck was the shadow option and the collisions for the skeletal meshes. So I started to implement my own plugin for UE4.

More information will be available soon here [Plugins] WIP Horde Framework - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums